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Trip to Saimaa. Part 1 – The Lake.

Hi all! This post is about our fishing trip to the Great Saimaa lake. There will be a lot of pictures, but first, let me tell you a little bit more about the lake. Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland – 4,400 square kilometers! It’s also the 4th largest fresh natural freshwater lake in Europe. The total length – 15,000 km, and the total number of islands – 14,000.


Many water channels connect Saimaa to other lakes and the Gulf of Finland. This communication system looks like a water web and is used for transportation of cargos and people.

Saimaa is a great tourist attraction. Apparently, the history of tourism in the region dates back to 19th century. Rauha (“Peace”) Sanatorium built on the lake’s shore was a spa resort frequently visited by Russian elite from the nearby city of Saint Petersburg. But that’s now why we travelled to Saimaa. We went on a fishing trip 🙂

The weather on the fishing day was perfect – warm, sunny and promising 🙂


Our guides, providers of equipment and fun, our fishing instructors, and overall lake gods were Antti and Joonas from Blue Saimaa Oy. Just look at this – did we even have an option of getting home empty-handed? 😉






And yes, we caught 4 pikes in total, and let one go, because it was a pike-teenager. Very good result!


Although I didn’t catch anything, I still had a great fun! Need to practice more and set the record next time!

I didn’t expect that fishing is quite exhausting. Our amazing guides treated us to delicious and healthy lunch snacks. Rye bread with fresh trout, dill and sour cream is basically the reason why I plan to stay in this country. Can you say “no” to this?


After we beat the hunger, we continued to enjoy spectacular views of the Saimaa lake. No limits and the endless mighty deep of Saimaa. Very peaceful place!






And that’s it for the Saimaa part. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about Lappeenranta (Part 2) and Imatra rapids (Part 3).