Helsinki Coffee Festival

Once a year Helsinki hosts the biggest coffee festival in the Nordics – Helsinki Coffee Festival. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it takes place in Helsinki. According to the recent statistics summarised in this article in Telegraph, Finns consume most of the coffee in the world – impressive 12 kg per capita per year. It’s worth noting though that Finns prefer to drink light roasts.

At the Helsinki coffee festival you can learn all about different specialties of coffee, taste coffee produced by different companies, check out master classes, and purchase coffee, tea and coffee-making equipment. There are also lots of free stuff that is offered for sampling – various milk shakes, alternative milk products and cookies are few to name. There is also some funny T-shirts, tote bags and even jewellery with a coffee theme available for purchase.


Although it’s mostly about the coffee, tea lovers can find tea tasting stands, which were quite many given that most of Finns prefer coffee to tea.

The festival lasts 3 days, and the first one is for professionals only. On Saturday and Sunday the days are split into two sessions, and you can choose which one you want to attend and get a ticket. You can get a mobile ticket online or you can purchase one at the place.


Kaapelitehdas is where the festival is. It’s quite dark inside, but with some DJ music and installation lights, it gets quite atmospheric. Highly recommend to attend. Just make sure you don’t get to taste too much. After 3 cappuccinos, one tea and a couple of coffee roasts, I didn’t think I’l manage to fall asleep that day 🙂

Here are a few snapshots from the event.











4 thoughts on “Helsinki Coffee Festival

  1. It’s a really nice event. The question is always of course how much coffee one can try without blood turning into caffeine 🙂 Plus at least so far it’s not overly crowded and it’s a good chance to try new coffee that maybe otherwise wouldn’t catch your eye in the shop or coffee house.


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