Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Last week’s photo challenge was “Look Up“. How often we let our immediate surroundings lead the way. We focus on what’s given, what’s near, what doesn’t require an effort.

Looking up, observing and noticing can help to change a prospective and experience new emotions.

For this photo challenge I chose those three photos below.

This one is maybe the most touristic, but I see it differently. Although I was googling what to see in Rio and stumbled upon similar photos, it’s not the same when you see the Christ the Redeemer’s statue yourself. It’s powerful, beautiful and moving.


Another one was made on my way to work at the time when we lived in Mountain View, CA. It was a normal workday morning, and I was listening to the radio on the way to the train station. I passed by the same route that I took every day – main street of the small city with lots of cafes and small shops. One of those places was an Italian ice cream shop. It was very popular with locals and on my way back home in the evening there always were long lines. I liked its advertisement poster, and every day it reminded me about Europe, past trips and new adventures.



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