Trip to Tallinn

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. What a nice trip it was! We went to Tallinn by sea. There are several companies offering the boat service, and it’s really nice that you can choose depending on your needs. This time we went with Linda Linja ship. There are no cabins or booked seats. Seats next to windows are quite popular, and if you really want to get those, you need to arrive in advance to be the first in line. The  trip takes approximately 2 hours. Ships operated by different companies arrive to different Tallinn’s harbors, and you might want to check that before the trip.

We stayed in the Airbnb apartment in the Old City. It was a 13th century building! Pretty amazing!



We spent almost the whole day just browsing narrow streets of the Old City. Small souvenir shops, hipster coffee shops, galleries and plenty of places to grab a coffee or a drink. Note on souvenirs – the selection is enourmous, and what I especially liked is a variety of unusual things made by young local designers. For example, we got this map of the world: You take off black stickers from those countries that you visited. Original and fun! Now we can’t wait to travel to new countries to take off more stickers!







I fell in love with the roofs of the Old City! Just look at them!



And doors:




We spotted quite many Orthodox churches, although the dominant religion here is Evangelical Lutheranism. I really liked the design of those churches. They look very graceful and light, and emanate harmony and piece.


I recommend getting to the rooftop terrace at the Radisson hotel. The view is breathtaking! Coffee “Old Tallinn” compliments the scenery well, and delivers an extra kick (it has a liquor in it).



We chose one museum to go on this trip – the Seaplane Harbour museum.  It has a lot of submarines and interactive machines. You can try an airplane simulator, shooting planes with a gun simulator and borrow a military outfit for a great photo like this:


But, back to the Old City. There are quite many places to eat and drink there, but I have two personal favorites. First is the Italian restaurant Trattoria del Gallo Nero (thanks for recommendation, Pirjo!). We came there for dinner, but I don’t have any photos. Everything was so good, we ate it fast 🙂 Note: Mozzarella is to die for!

Second place is the gastropub Clayhills. I can’t comment on food, because we only had drinks there. They have a good selection of wine and cider, and in the evenings there are live bands playing chill romantic music.

We didn’t have much time to spend in Tallinn, and these are my very first observations, but I’m looking forward to coming back to the city to explore it further!










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