Interactive map of Helsinki districts’ slang names

If you are like me and derping pretty hard when you try to understand Finnish slang, this map might be very handy. It has all the slang names of Helsinki’s districts. Our Finnish teacher at the language course told us that Kallio used to be the Bronx of Helsinki and used this map to prove his point 🙂

He also told us an old anecdote about Punavuori, the area where we live now. Currently, mostly rich and old people reside here (and, btw, I still keep thinking what we, young and poor, are doing here :), but 50 years ago a lot of criminals hang out here. Hence, the anecdote: tourist asks a Finnish person how to get to the Punavuori. The person replies – go left from here and keep going straight until you are robbed twice. This means you reached your destination. Local humor 🙂


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